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Welcome to The Power of the Flower Encounter!


This series of photographic images highlights the diversity of flowers and succulents growing in North County San Diego. It provides an opportunity to examine how we recognize, discriminate, and integrate patterns of sensory input – the same processes we use to understand and navigate the world around us. The repetitive structure and features of the botanicals in this collection are precisely what should stimulate neural pattern recognition and promote soothing physiological responses in the viewer. I welcome you to test this hypothesis. 

Our brains and minds are transformed by the energy of repetitive or periodic experiences: periodic patterns in each image, and periodic patterns shared among them. In this collection, image sizes are normalized to accentuate the shared phylogenetic relationships* of the different species represented. Thus, when taken from this common perspective, the periodicity, rotational symmetry and diversity of pigmentation are more obvious and compelling to the eye. These features of flowers and plants in the collection are also the critical features that stimulate neural pattern recognition.
* the similarity of structure or function among parts of different living things, based on their descent from a common evolutionary ancestor

POTF 3 x 16 Grid Map edited for website PANEL B 01.05.23 khdb.jpg

This collection of images is also designed to stimulate our senses with therapeutic graphic elements based on a theme of soothing, locally sourced, and thus somewhat familiar botanical imagery. Therapeutic value originates with the subject matter – the protein chemistry that is precisely reflected in macro-level geometry and color. Ultimately, pleasure is neurochemistry in specific neural networks – the essence of romance! It may happen for you here, in your brain, in your mind as you consider these images. You may be stimulated by recurrent patterns of sensory input that establish neural representations of the graphic elements of each image. The logic of pattern is surprising. The energy released by recognition is soothing, it drives neural alignment and rewires the brain. All of this is therapeutic. 

The Power of the Flower Experiment: What are you experiencing – feeling – thinking about – after viewing these photographs? And why might it matter? While viewing these images… are you delighted, intrigued, soothed, bored, enervated, confused, calmed, happy or perhaps even sad? Could you articulate – explain how or why you feel the way you do? 

All images are available for sale
$60 - one image
$110 - two images
$150 - three images

images: 6 inch x 6 inch
frame: 8 inch x 8 inch

proceeds support the extreme memory challenge®
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